Frequent Questions

What is the U-CORD?

Typical men’s underwear completely ignores the male anatomy, opting instead to just mash everything together and throw a cheap layer of cotton over it in an attempt to forget the problem. We’ve taken a fundamentally different approach and completely redesigned men’s underwear for the most comfortable experience possible.

Our patent-pending U-CORD is a simple idea. Attaching a slim, elastic cord that moves with you in a U-shaped loop to the waistband adds an additional piece of critical structure to men’s boxers where there was none. Containing your manhood in a separate Cockpit made of silky soft fabric that doesn’t slack or bunch up becomes possible and the friction-eliminating and sweat controlling benefits are immediately apparent the first try-on. 


What is your return policy?

Don’t worry! If you are unsatisfied with our product, we offer a full refund within 60 days after your order. Just email us at with your order number to start processing a return. Unopened products will have their return postage paid for. So that we can keep improving our products, we may politely ask you to fill out a small survey in order to process a return.


What material are Cockpit Boxer Briefs made from?

We use an incredible blend of 94% MicroModal / 6% Lycra for our Cockpit Boxer Briefs.

MicroModal is a premium fabric, the product of the modern textile industry. Fibers are made from sustainably grown beechwood trees and high-tech chemistry. You’d typically find MicroModal in high end light, stretchy clothing and we found out through testing that it had incredible softness and breathability, and the rare ability to retain these properties even when wet or damp. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s a game changer – think of the thinnest, softest cotton shirt you’ve ever felt, but doesn’t pill as easily, doesn’t get heavy and worthless when wet, and will stretch like spandex.


How much is shipping?

We charge a flat $3 for all orders! All orders are shipped through USPS. We can offer expedited or international shipping via a separate quote by emailing with your order number.

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Is there a warranty on purchases? 

Airship offers a one year warranty for manufacturer defects on all our products from the original date of purchase. If you believe your Airships are defective for any reason, please contact us directly by emailing for instructions on how to submit a warranty claim. Please note: This policy does not apply to products that have been damaged by misuse, accident, modification, or unauthorized repair, or purchased from any third party seller that is not an authorized Airship Apparel dealer.


What payment methods are available?

We’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal for our integrated credit card processing. Stripe is hugely popular and super secure. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and even Diners Club (wow)! Your credit card information is securely sent to directly to Stripe and they handle all the tricky stuff. The Airship Apparel server never even sees your credit card information – Stripe just tells us if the payment was approved or not.


What is the process time of each order?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 24hrs. On weekends or holidays or other extenuating circumstances processing and shipping may take up to 3 days but no more. You will receive an email notification when processing and shipment occurs with a tracking number. You can typically expect 3-6 business days for your package to arrive. Delivery times do not include Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.


How do I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive an email confirmation immediately after your payment is successful with your order and shipping details. You will receive another email when the order ships – typically within 24-48 hrs. This will have have similar details and a USPS tracking number for you to use. If you have placed an order and have not received either of these emails in the appropriate time, please reach out to us at


What is your shipping carrier?

Airship Apparel ships through USPS. If there is an apartment number or unit number associated with your address, please make sure to include it. We currently do not offer expedited or international shipping.


Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we do not offer expedited or international shipping at this time. Subscribe to our email updates to be notified when this changes!


I accidentally ordered the wrong item, what should I do?

Most orders are processed and shipped quickly. You can catch us and fix the order if you immediately reply to your confirmation email with your corrections.


I accidentally put in the wrong street address, and my order went through, what should I do?

You will receive an email confirming when your order is shipped which will have a tracking number. You’ll need to contact your local USPS office and arrange pickup using the tracking number.


I accidentally put in the wrong email address, and my order went through, what should I do?

Write down or screenshot your order number on the confirmation screen. You may not receive the system-generated confirmation emails (since we don’t have your preferred email address), but the order will still ship. You can use your order number to contact us and get the status of your order.


What do I do if my order was lost or damaged in the mail?

Reach out to us at with your order number and we will bring the pain to the USPS and make sure you have a pristine set of boxers like you ordered.


What do I do if my Cockpit Boxer Briefs are defective or damaged in any way?

Oh no! Reach out to us immediately at with your order number and we will get you taken care of.


How do I wash my Cockpit Boxer Briefs?

Machine wash with warm water and tumble dry with low heat on delicate cycle, do not dry clean or use bleach.


How do your waistband sizes run?


What if I’m between sizes?

If you find yourself stuck between the sizes posted on our size chart, we recommend purchasing the smaller of the two sizes – our fabric and waistband is super stretchy and will still be comfortable.


How do I share comments and feedback?

Like or leave a review on our product pages, Facebook, or reach out to us directly at (nice things only, our fragile egos can’t take criticism!)