U-CORD Underwear Technology: Supportive Boxer Briefs

Apr 26th 2019

We all have that pair of underwear that we keep for one reason or another. They could be slightly more comfortable than your other pairs. They could be better at wicking away the sweat or, they could simply be flattering. Regardless, almost every pair of men’s underwear out there has the same exact problem: they aren’t built to accommodate the male anatomy. That means that no matter how much you like your favorite set of ordinary underwear, be they boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs, you’re probably going to have to deal with the dreaded crampedness, sweating, or even worse… chafing. However, there is a solution—and it’s a solution that is ready to solve that age-old problem of men’s underwear once and for all. That solution is our secret weapon here at Airship Apparel. It is our unique U-CORD, and it creates the roomiest, most comfortable supportive boxer briefs ever.


While most men’s underwear tends to ignore the simple fact that the male anatomy exists, thus mashing all of the important bits together into the most uncomfortable package ever, we have taken a different approach. Our technology—the U-CORD—is a slim elastic cord that moves with you, gently cradling your equipment and keeping you friction-free with plenty of room to breathe. The U-CORD creates a very convenient pouch, or Cockpit, that separates your equipment from the rest of you. This act of separation makes it so you can easily wick away sweat, keeping you comfortable no matter what the temperature is. The U-CORD also succeeds in solving the unfortunate problem of having to adjust in public. It really keeps you from both being uncomfortable and having to awkwardly adjust your package. The U-CORD solves all of our problems, gentlemen!

If you’re interested in changing your life with our Cockpit boxer briefs, feel free to order your pair today.