The Evolution of Men’s Underwear: Men's Support Boxers

Apr 26th 2019

A Little More Cloth

This practiced persisted until at least the Middle Ages, when the Braie was developed – a longer linen solution, that is closer to loose-fitting pants than what we call comfortable Men’s underwear now. In fact the term britches comes from the clothing’s other name: breeches.

A Little More Protection

Shortly thereafter, as bladed weapons and utensils became more common, some men saw the wisdom of a more, impenetrable covering for their family jewels. Not only was the codpiece sturdier and more protective, the lace-up design also allowed quicker access to urinate as well as more carnal needs. And if an intruder or husband showed up, no man would be caught “with his pants down.”

On a side note, the codpiece is also the first evidence of men attempting to enhance their attributes, a trend that apparently started with King Henry VIII, which may or may not have been as a result of contracting syphilis.

Back to the Drawer-ing Board

A few hundred years later, in a rebellion against the European corsets and bustiers that became popular figure shapers in the Victorian days, women in New York began wearing flannel ‘emancipation union suits.’ The long legged, long sleeved, loose once piece underwear didn’t last long for the ladies, but were quickly adopted by their husbands. And while a few men still sport them today, they’ve mostly evolved into long johns today. However these are now designed as comfortable Men’s underwear to keep you warm.

Boxers or…

In the early 1920’s, Boxing supplier Everlast started experimenting with the traditional pugilist’s in-the-ring attire, replacing an unwieldy leather belt with newly popular elastic waistbands. But their use was almost entirely boxing outerwear until after World War II.

A ‘Brief’ Invention

In 1934, a friend sent hosiery designer Arthur Kneibler a post card from his visit to the French Riviera. Kniebler was fascinated by the legless swimsuit the man on the postcard’s front was wearing. He also did some experimenting and his Wisconsin factory, coming up with the well-known Y-shaped fly briefs. He named this new comfortable Men’s underwear – and eventually the company – after the garment’s resemblance to a jock strap. After selling more than 30,000 pairs in three months, tighty-whities and Jockey was here to stay.

Why choose?

In the 1990’s, the argument between Boxers and Briefs took a strange turn. A designer at Calvin Klein decided to merge the two most popular men’s undergarments and the seed of that unholy union spawned not only the new underwear trend of boxer briefs, but also launched the career of a certain underwear model turned rapper turned movie star Mark Wahlberg. Comfortable Men’s Underwear was now of all things, a fashion trend.

Separate But Far From Equal

In 2016, comfortable men’s underwear took another leap forward, as two dedicated men sought a way to #SaveYourJunk. Their quest to find the ideal pair of underwear that would avoid pinching, riding up and the dreaded stickage led them to the Cockpit Brief. The perfect fabric, the right elastic and the patent pending U-Cord make these boxer briefs something extra special. A special pocket in the front provides strategic separation of your essential parts, and cuts down on moisture, chafing and the uncomfortable, yet inevitable uniform adjustment that plagues other men’s underwear. Find the nirvana of comfortable men’s underwear at Airship and help us save the world – or at least some of our favorite parts of it!