Modal Boxer Briefs: Softest Men's Underwear (Better than Cotton)

Mar 3rd 2020

Men, we all want comfortable underwear—do we not? It’s the first thing we put on, and probably the last thing we take off, so since we’re wearing it for so long, it should be comfortable. When it comes to your clothes, the fabric matters—and it’s a key point of comfort, if not the key. The industry standard for men’s clothing has always been cotton. Don’t get us wrong, cotton is pretty good, we guess—especially if you don’t mind your underwear getting less comfortable with every wash and being awful at wicking away moisture. You know, with that in mind, maybe cotton isn’t the best fabric for our underwear after all. Cotton has been the industry standard for so long, though—is there a better option available? Yes. Yes there is. That fabric is called MicroModal. This fabric makes the softest men’s underwear ever. After trying it, you won’t ever want to wear cotton underwear again.

Modal Fabric

There are a few key reasons why MicroModal boxer briefs are the best option available to men. Once you hear these reasons, you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t wear them. The first (and probably one of the main reasons why MicroModal fabric is the best) is that it offers unparalleled softness when compared to any other fabric. When you wear MicroModal boxer briefs, it’ll feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. While cotton can be soft it certainly doesn’t make the softest men’s underwear out there. That title belongs to MicroModal fabric. It is also breathable and moisture wicking, setting it even further apart from the common rabble. MicroModal fabric gives you a comfortable and cool fit that almost no other underwear fabric can compare to.

The fabric is great, and we’re sure that, at this point, you’re probably wondering where can you get some MicroModal underwear? Well, Airship Apparel’s underwear is all made with MicroModal fabric because we know that you shouldn’t sacrifice when it comes to your comfort. Get the best possible product with our MicroModal boxer briefs.