Men's Underwear Problems: Underwear Fitting Problems

Mar 3rd 2020

There are a wide variety of problems that can crop up when wearing your men’s underwear of choice. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs, each has their own slew of problems when it comes to transporting your family jewels. These problems can lead to more than a few embarrassing situations, and they can also lead to some serious discomfort. There are a few common men’s underwear problems that we’ve all dealt with; some cause friction, while others soak up sweat and become uncomfortable. We’re sure you’ve dealt with these problems, but for sake of posterity, let’s talk about them and how our Cockpit boxer briefs will put an end to your discomfort.

The Uncomfortable Cramped Fit

This is one of the most common underwear problems, and so many different boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs make this mistake. Their design completely ignores the male anatomy. You realize it’s too late when, all of a sudden, your rod and tackle are uncomfortably bunched up. It isn’t long before your day is ruined because you have to make the necessary adjustments every so often. It’s definitely one of the worst underwear fit problems, and it’s definitely one of the most embarrassing. Thankfully, Airship Apparel has solved this problem with out amazing U-CORD technology that creates a convenient Cockpit. Our comfortable U-CORD design ensures you stay comfortable throughout the day. You’ll never need to make adjustments, and have all-day comfort.

The Lack of Breathing Room

More often than not, we’ve got to make the choice between underwear that fits well or underwear that keeps us cool. For those of us that would rather not deal with men’s underwear fitting problems, we then most likely have to trade off for fabric that doesn’t breathe, and thus makes us sweat. Whether it’s because the fabric you’re wearing doesn’t properly wick away sweat or doesn’t allow your twig and berries to breath, sweating is one of the worst problems. Thankfully, our Cockpit boxer briefs solve this problem. The wicking power of our MicroModal fabric, combined with the extra breathing room, means you’ll never have to deal with embarrassing sweat and stink ever again.

These are some of the most common problems, but they’re definitely not the only ones that the Cockpit boxer briefs solve. You can experience the solution to men’s underwear problems by ordering our own Cockpit Boxer Briefs from Airship Apparel.