5 Mistakes DAMAGING Your "Package"!

Jun 3rd 2020

Stop Hurting Your Junk

1. Wearing underwear that's too tight -- regardless of style, if your underwear is too high and tight, your sperm count can be affected. Your scrotum's job is to keep your testicles at a specific temperature thus keeping your sperm warm. If your underwear is too tight, your scrotum can't do its job.

2. Wearing sweaty underwear -- but wearing boxers is the worst because the extra fabric gets bunched up and they offer zero support.

3. Going commando -- zero support. Plus you can zip up your junk and your pants end up smelling like balls without any underwear.

4. Too short underwear -- if you have larger thighs with short underwear, chaffing and infection can occur. Not to mention, the constant irritation is uncomfortable. Some men have tried powdering the inside of their thighs, but it didn't work great. Wear underwear a little longer in the leg.

5. Wearing it to bed -- you need to let the boys breathe at night.

Problem Solved! Rubbing & Chaffing Gone

We've solved the problem of getting chaffed from junk rubbing. Airship Apparel Cockpit briefs offers a unique pocket for separating your bait and tackle from your manly tree trunk thighs. Everything stays separated, everything stays dry, and your junk looks bigger. Plus you won't smell anymore! Stop sticking and stop chaffing-- once you try Airships, you won't go back those out of date styles.

Underwear Tricks to Make IT Look Big!

1. Wearing light colored underwear

2. Wear shorter underwear -- it's all about proportion

3. Tuck and lift - tuck your wiener straight down, grab everything together to lift up & out