About Us


We have many names for our male anatomy. The twig and berries, family jewels, package, junk, scepter of Antioch (yeah…), but what we didn’t have was a cure for the constant barrage of attacks life puts on them. Underwear is our most basic of basics. The one thing that shouldn’t just be an article of clothing. It should provide a function, a service and help us feel confident, cool and collected no matter what we’re doing or where we’re going. It’s the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night. Day after day after day, except for naked Sundays because nobody needs drawers on naked Sundays (wink wink). Now the problem does not lie in what happens in between those mornings and nights, it lies with the design of what we use to support us during that time.

We get dressed for the day feeling cool calm and collected, step foot out the door and then boom! Life hits. Here are a few stories to explain what we mean:

It’s a Tuesday morning, you get ready for work. Step outside and its 95 degrees. Now this shouldn’t pose a problem but in the back of your mind you know what is going to happen. Your day is going to be spent dealing with the devastating stickage effect. It ruins our swagger. Sweat seems to collect in the one area we want to keep cool and dry and the only escape is to constantly adjust… or grab some napkins, find a quiet corner, and hope nobody notices.

The weather is perfect, you have a business meeting and will be in an office chair for most of the day. BANG! Another issue crops up, sitting in underwear which have less than ideal designs can cause pinching, uncomfortable tight spots or ride up. You’ve been there, sitting somewhere just hanging out and then you have to get up. What happens next? In a true “Dude, where’s my car” moment, you have to align your family jewels back into your boxers, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Improper support with underwear impacts how we walk, what we do with our hands and how confident we feel when we are doing just about anything.

We’ve identified a few major problems plaguing poor underwear design and we’re sure there are others, but we didn’t have the budget for a full feature length film so…. You get the picture

These problems have plagued mankind for generations and with so much abuse to our “junk”, you would think there would be a cure for this affliction, or a reduction in child birth rates…

Well there wasn’t, UNTIL NOW.

We are airship apparel, here to take an innovative approach to clothing’s basics and were hoping you help us take off with our flagship product the cockpit brief. We are so proud of this product and can’t wait for you to experience each element we’ve utilized to resolve the core package-plaguing disaster situations.

Our product utilizes a unique design element we call the u-Cord which provides separation and support where you need it most. It keeps your private parts well… private. Think about it like what the underwire did for women. Our proprietary U-cord design element wraps around the underside of your coin purse and provides the support and separation you need eliminating stickage, rubbing and providing relief for other irritants. We would also point out that this is not just a generic pouch to put your loose change in, during our interactions with you as a customer we ask for measurements to make sure that you get the tailored experience you want.

Our next design choice was to minimize stitching and tags so you don’t get rubbed the wrong way or irritation where you absolutely don’t want it. Finally the fabric, the fabric is absolutely the most comfortable thing you’ve felt in a long, long time. Micro-modal is at the top of its game when it comes to comfort and moisture wicking. Just what men need.

In its simplest form, these boxers are tailored to your anatomy. No more sticking. No more riding up. Just comfort and support, the way you would expect. After you put on your first pair of Airship Cockpit briefs, you will discover what you’ve been missing.

We are out to rid mankind of this curse plaguing our twig and berries livelihood. Join us in the fight to #SaveYourJunk


I the 2014 summer heat of Texas, Ricky Franzese had an idea to beat the constant problems plaguing men’s groin areas with typical underwear design including sweat accumulation, friction, and the need to constantly adjust for comfort. Since that time, the Airship team has been perfecting the patent pending U-Cord Boxer Briefs. The intent with Airship Apparel is to bring an innovative approach to men’s fashion combining high end materials, unique designs, and a well-grounded community.

Management Biographies

Richard Franzese, our CEO is a web developer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. He has been an integral part of multiple startup organizations in the technology arena. Ricky has an eye for detail, design, and data. As the driving force behind Airship Apparel, Ricky’s leadership approach is one of balance and precision.

Ryan Pierce, who runs Finance and Operations is an infrastructure and cloud tech solutions architect by trade. Ryan’s entrepreneurial experiences have ranged from tech startups, to real estate management, to high performance coaching and public speaking. Ryan’s core skills center around financial management and process optimization. He is a natural seller and is highly driven.

Airship’s Value Proposition

Our approach to clothing design is both functional and accessible. Clothing should not only provide the ability to express individuality, it should also serve a specific purpose to make you feel comfortable and confident. Our first product is a redesign of something all men wear, and most men have issues with, the boxer brief. Men are not built like Ken dolls, so why is our underwear built without the uniqueness of our design in mind?

That is the universal problem we fixed. No more irritation, adjustment, or awkwardness. We intend to develop an accessible brand which brings top tier materials, combined with our unique design approach down to a reasonable price point. Initial product feedback has been incredible.

We are offering a unique and protected functional design, high-end materials, and an incredible service experience.